how to create a travel blog?

If you love to travel or want to write about different places that can be visited and are familiar about the in and out information about those places, means how to reach there? Where to stay? and what activities can be done there? And want to monetize your information, then creating a travel blog is the right platform for you and with Proper SEO tactics you can rank your blog higher in the search engine. But now after having all these things with you, the question remains How to create a travel blog?

Ranking higher your blog or website in google will attract lots of information seekers to visit your blog and when you have enough number of visitors per day on your blog you can easily monetize your blog by signing up with Google Ad sense, Info link and many more CPC & CPM networks which will provide you monthly fixed money. Moreover, you can Sign up for Affiliate marketing programs to Increase your blog income. In India, Travel business is growing very rapidly and travel blogging is definitely going to be a great choice for you.

According to a report, India has managed to improve its position in attracting Tourists by 12 spots. So the initiatives taken by the government to promote tourism are working in right direction.

But !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Creating a travel Blog and to earn money is that much Simple as it is mentioned above?

The answer is Big No. It is not that much easy to create a Successful travel blog which can fetch you a handsome amount of money. It requires lots of Efforts and time to make it Successful. This cannot be done overnight it takes months or years to create a successful blog. But you are consistent with your efforts you will definitely create a successful blog and can fetch a good amount of money.

Lots of bloggers are out there who are doing full-time travel blogging and earning handsome amount of money.

Essentials for creating a successful Travel Blog

  • Knowledge of Travelling destinations which can be acquired by Travelling to different places or by reading books magazines or online sources of information.
  • You should have little bit knowledge about how to create a web site or travel blog.
  •  A Little knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) which includes using Social Networking sites like Facebook twitter etc. And On page and off page SEO techniques to rank your website higher in Google search engine.
  •  Patience & consistency and continuous efforts are the keys to create a successful Travel blog.
  •  Good content writing skills

Now I presume that you are well acquainted with the traveling destinations which you have in-depth knowledge about which is essential for the visitors to keep engaged on your website otherwise they will never return to your website. So let’s start with the 1st step of creating a website or blog

1 Choosing a Domain Name

How to Book a domain for a travel blog

Domain name is the 1st step which is required to be booked to create a travel Blog. A domain name can book from several Platforms like Big rock, Go daddy and many others. But before choosing your domain name certain things should be kept in mind for the point of SEO.

  • Try to keep your domain URL Simple and short which makes it easy to remember for visitors to get back to your website some other time.
  • Try to keep it free from putting numbering and hyphens in between. One it will be difficult to remember second putting hyphens in between the URL may make it Spam in the eyes of Google.
  • try to book domain name with .com as it is mostly used and easy to remember.

Check for the availability. After finalizing the domain name go on the Domain Provider Website and put in the name you are looking for if it is available it will be shown to you otherwise alternative will be suggested by the Domain providers.

2 Choose web hosting Space

How to Choose Webhosting Space for a travel blog

After booking your Domain the next step is to choose a web hosting service provider for your website. If you don’t know that what is web hosting space? And why do we need it? Web hosting is a space where your all information is stored which you write on your Website or Blog. These services tend to renew every year or you can renew them for many years altogether.

There are many free web hosting service platforms which you can use if you are having financial difficulty like BlogSpot, Weebly, and Tumbler etc. But they have their limitations when it comes to SEO and if you are serious about earning money it is better to go for paid one.

3 Choosing blogging Platform

How to Install wordpress them on your Blog

After securing your Domain name and Webhosting services the next step is to choose a blogging platform. If you are a newcomer and doesn’t have more info about creating an HTML and PHP website better to go for word press website. Now a day’s most of blogger use word press as their blogging platform for following reasons.

  •  It is very easy to set up a blog with word press platform and doesn’t require much technical knowledge.
  •  Word press site works with Plugins and a person with little technical knowledge can use those plugins and can start ranking his blog or website.

4 Install Word press Theme

Wordpress admin Page

After choosing WordPress platform the next step would be to log in to your admin panel of Blog & install a word press theme. You can get lots of free word press theme and can install the one you like most. You can customize the theme as per your choice.

Wordpress theme

Free Themes –

Premium Themes –

Customized Themes –

5 Install Plugins

How to install plugins in wordpress

After choosing the word press next step is to install necessary plugins for starting a website. There are two types of Plugins you would need for a word press site one type plugins you would need to create a website and 2nd type plugins are those which would need to promote a blog or website means SEO Plugins.

Free Plugins –

Premium Plugins –

5 Set up Social Networking Accounts

How to create account on facebook

Having accounts at social networking Sites is a very good way to reach out to people and this will generate lots of visitors to your site and will help your site to rank higher in the search engines (Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc). There are some social platform like facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram can be a good way of starting with social platforms.

6 Set up Pages and categories

How to Create catagory in wordpress blog

Along with creating your Social networks, you can start creating Pages for your website for eg. You can design your Home page you can create pages like About us, Contact Us, and whatever more you like to create. You can also create categories for your posts.

7 Write your 1st post

How to write a post in wordpress website

Now all is done and this is the time to write your 1st post on your blog. Your post should be more than 500 words and should include pictures to make it look interesting for the visitors. And to write long posts and using pictures are not only good for engaging visitors but for Google ranking as well.

8 Share your post

How to share post on social Sites

Now it is time to share your post on the different Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and much more. Sharing your post where acquire new visitors to your site but help in improving your rank in Google Search results as well.

Conclusion –

Creating a travel blog and making handsome earning out of it is a long-term process and requires lots of things like unique content, in-depth knowledge about the places you are writing about, SEO Knowledge as its almost impossible for anyone to reach you if you are not good at SEO. So along with all these things you need to have patience and need to choose right Affiliate marketing plans which work well with Travel blogs. you can stay updated with the information about the amazing places in India and SEO tips for a travel blog by subscribing to this blog.


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