Best places for wildlife photography in India


India has various good locations for tourists as well as nature loving people to visit. Among those explorers, there is a special category of tourists and travelers who love wildlife and wildlife photography.

I started my wildlife adventure when I was a kid and saw various animals and birds when I was taken to a zoo on a school trip. Afterward, I went many times to different zoo and animal sanctuary and explored the beauty of nature. I was amazed many times after watching a new variety of animal or bird and bow down towards mother earth and nature which has such numerous creatures under the sky.

I know it’s very common and I guess many of you would have started such experience from Zoo and afterward explored various wildlife within India or throughout the world.

This article will help for regular wildlife explorers and even to those people who wants to go and get such unforgettable experience. Summer or winter days are the best time considered for exploring such experience since in rainy days various national parks are closed and considered not safe for the tourists.

As per my knowledge and experience, I am sharing you following locations for exploring wildlife tourism in India or for best wildlife photography locations In India.


Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbet park

Jim Corbett  National Park is considered the oldest national park of India is located in the district of Nainital in Uttarakhand. It was Named after Jim Corbett who is said to have played a very Important role in the establishment of this park. This park was Initially built as a Hailey park in the year 1836 to protect the endangered Bengal tiger species. Jim Corbett is one of the famous places to visit in India with friends

Jim Corbett Park covers around 488 different kinds of plants in its vicinity and rich fauna. Jim Corbett park is very famous among people to visit and numbers of people are Increasing YOY.Although tourists are confined to visit some areas only to keep them safe from any dangers from the animal there.

The area which is covered by Jim Corbett park is approximately 580 SQ km which involves grasslands hills and one large lake.

Attractions point – Dhikala –

Dhikala – a well-known point which is having and old rest house and famous for its natural beauty and steep valleys.

Trekking – With a certified guide you can enjoy trekking alongside the boundary of the park as it is not allowed to do Inside.

Jeep Safari – Perhaps the best and most famous method to roam around is renting a jeep and reach there in the jeep.

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National park is situated in the district of Nagaon of Assam State of India is the famous sanctuary which hosts the 2/3rd world’s one-horned Rhinoceroses. This park is Unesco World heritage protected Site and is a famous point of attraction in India for the nature lovers.

Kaziranga has the highest density of tigers in the world in terms of protected areas and is home to Elephant, Wild water buffalo, Swamp deer. Kaziranga contains the breeding population of 35 mammalians.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National park is one of the famous National park in India, which is located in the district of Umaria in the state of Madhya Pradesh of India. Bandhavgarh national park is covering an area of 820 sq km and was declared national park in 1968. It has very high density of tigers in India and it has a large breeding population of Leopards and various species of Deer.

Bandhavgarh National park is very famous among tourists who are fond of Nature and wildlife. This place is approachable through Road and all means of road transportation Bus, Car etc can be booked to reach there. by Air, you can catch the flight to Jabalpur Airport and through there you can reach there by Car or bus.

Periyar National Park


Periyar National Park


Periyar national park is located in Kerala and is famous for its biodiversity and tigers population. It has a great scenic beauty which provides veritable visitor satisfaction. It covers around 925 km2 and is notable for being elephant reserve and tiger reserve.

It has a great amount of fauna, It has 35 species of mammals including Indian elephant and white tigers, Bengal tigers, Gaur, Deer, Sambhar etc. It has 266 species of birds, 45 species of reptile, 40 species of Fish, and many others.

Gir National Park

Best places for wildlife tourism in India


Gir national park is a famous Sanctuary near Talala Gir in Gujrat was established in 1965, with a total area covers more than 1400 Sqkm.This region is the sole home to the Asiatic lion in the wilderness and is one of the most important protected zones in the world due to the presence of the Asiatic lion.

Gir has more than 400 species of plants and 2375species of fauna includes 38 species of mammals,300 species of birds, 37 species of reptile, 2000 species of insects.

Gir has around 515 Asiatic Lion which has seen a growth in the recent year due to the efforts of Government and animal lovers initiatives.

Hemis National Park

Hemis national park

Hemis national park is a high-altitude park in eastern Ladakh in Jammu & Kasmir is famous for having white snow Leopard. it has the high density of snow leopard in the world. it is also the largest national park in south Asia measuring the total area of 4400 SQ km was founded in 1981.

This is the home to 200 Snow leopard and Tibetan Wolf, Eurasian brown bear, and offers the opportunity for birdwatching, which you will not find in any part of India.this location is best suited for the trekking activities. You can reach here by flight to Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpoche Airport and from there, you can hire a cab.

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore national park

Ranthambore National park is located in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan is spread in 325 sq meter was built in 1955 by GOI. This park is known for its tiger and is famous for watching tigers in their natural habitat.

Other than tigers it has Leopards, Nilgai, Wild boar, Sambar, Striped hyena, Sloth bear.This park is also the home to the several varieties of trees, Plants, Reptiles and birds.

You can reach here by flight to Jaipur Airport and there you can take a bus or hire a cab to reach here. by train nearest station is Sawai Madhopur station from there you can hire a cab.

Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park is in Bishanpur district of Manipur is famous for being the only floating park in the world was declared national park in 1977. this park is a small park consisting total area of 44 sq km but for its floating style and its rich flora and fauna, it is the best national park to visit in India.

 Great Himalayan National park Kullu Great Himalayan National park Kullu

Great Himalayan National park Kullu is located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh is spread in approx 1100 SQ km of the area. This park is the home to more than 377 species of fauna and numerous species of fauna. being at high altitude it is famous for trekking platform as well.

Conclusion -: Nature is the Greatest teacher of all it teaches us to be Strong to confront any situation arise in any point of our life. nature teaches us to be empathetic so we can understand others pain as well. Govt of India has started lots of Schemes to Conserve this Nature and its Species which are today on the verge of extinction just because of us. We all need to educate our society to treat our nature well otherwise the day is not far when we will lose everything. Please do subscribe to our blog to serve you in a better way.




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