It wouldn’t be wrong to refer Goa as an entertainment capital Of India. Every person in India In spite of his / her age would like to Visit this place full of beaches and Clubs at least for once. It’s been said that twenties is the best time to visit Goa but I would state that age is just a number when it comes to enjoying your life.  we have got lots of best places to visit in Goa which will be explained further.

Goa is a state in western India stretching its shorelines with the Arabian sea is famous for its Beaches and Shakes alongside beaches which are famous for hosting trans music parties during tourists season not among Indians only but in Foreigners as well.

Looking to plan a trip to Goa? Read this post to plan your trip and maybe you can be able to plan it in a better way. Goa has everything to offer be it its famous Beaches or famous Clubs and beachside shakes or trans music parties or surrounding rich with natural flora and fauna or its famous local markets and temple and old fort, it has got everything and it’s not possible to visit at once. So here I will try to list all of them in such way that you can cover all of them in a single trip. Goa always stands in List of the best places to visit in India before you are hitched.

Best places to Visit in Goa

Best beaches to Visit in Goa

1 Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach is located in Anjuna town of Goa State which is famous for its trans music parties hosted during tourists season in Shakes alongside the beach. Anjuna beach is visited by a large number of people every day. It also has a Market called Flea Market nearby where you can shop around.

2 Baga beach

Baga Beach

Baga beach comes in the Baga town in Goa which is a coastal town on the Arabian sea. Baga beach is famous for being long sandy beach and the water sports offered here makes it even more Attractive. Baga beach is one of the most famous beaches in Goa. Baga beach also has a market just like Anjuna beach and it is called Baga market.

3 Calangute beach

calanguate beach

Calangute beach is in North Goa in the town Calangute, which is the largest beach of North Goa and visited by a large number of people across the globe every year especially in Xmas and new year time. this place is also famous for hosting water sports like parasailing, banana boat ride etc. During the monsoon time, the water level rises thus swimming is avoided to keep people safe.

4 Vagator beach

Vagator beach

Vagator beach is the northmost beach in Goa, Located opposite side on the Chapora river. Vagator beach has a red cliff looking down on a shore and is split into two part due to headland which is accommodated for car parking and shopping area. Vagator beach is famous for water sports and Trans music parties hosted during peak seasons alongside the beach. this beach surely finds the places among the best places to visit in Goa.

5 Querim Beach

querim beach
Querim beach

Querim beach is also known by Keri beach is in Goa and yet not famous like Anjuna beach and others in Goa but a usually a visited beach by a large number of tourists during seasons. Goa is the best destination for enjoying beaches and clubs. hence Goa stands 1st in the Top 10 beaches to visit in India. this beach surely stands on the list of best places to visit in Goa.

Best Clubs in Goa- Nightlife in Goa – Night Clubs in Goa

1 LPK (Love passion Karma)

LPK Club Goa
LPK Club Goa

This club is famous for its unique rock theme which can make anyone fall in love with this club and situated on the river waterfront enhance its beauty to next level. LPK is must visit club if you are in Goa.

2 Club Cubana

club cubana

Cubana Club is located on the top of Arpora hill is the most celebrated club in Goa and visited by the fun seekers in large number every year. Stag entry is not allowed here only couples are allowed. but finding a partner in Goa doesn’t seem hard so set out to enjoy your life and reveal this club.

3 SinQ


SinQ is the most Popular bar Club of north Goa and is very famous among the people who visits Goa. the music of this club is irresistible so if you are in Goa this Location can be explored to enjoy and have some fun.

4 Tito’s


Tito’s is the most famous bar in Goa since its opening in 1971 and is the attraction points among foreigners in Goa, The club is such famous in here that the whole lane is known by Titos lane. This one is the most preferred club to visit by someone you will ask about the best club to visit in Goa.

5 Club Westend

Club westend

Club Westend is famous for its Transmusic and people who loves trans music visits here. so if you are in Goa then you can visit the club and can enjoy lively music with your friends or partner.

Best markets in Goa –famous Street Shopping places in Goa

1 Flea Market

flea market

The flea market is nearby to Anjuna beach is a very famous market in North Goa. This market is held on every Wednesday and you can shop here for artificial jewelry to handicrafts. This market is very famous among foreigners and you can see a large number of foreigners shopping there. This is perhaps the most famous market in Goa.

2 Mapusa Market

Mapusa Market

Mapusa market is a good market for passionate shoppers and a place to find handicraft to jewelry things at the same place. This market is held at every day but on Friday it turns into a showcase platform for the small traders across Goa.

3 Calangute Market (junk jewelry shopping destination)

calanguate Market

Calangute market is nearby to Calangute beach and you can shop everything like the seashell, Beachwear, Cloths, Local handicrafts, Seafood etc. Do Visit Calangute market if you are in Goa.

4 Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Mackie’s Night Bazaar is situated in Baga city of Goa is famous for hosting Night Market on every Saturday. This is a famous location in Goa among tourists and locals and visited by more often.

5 Panjim Market


Panjim Market
Panjim Market

Visit Panjim Market if you are willing to back some Goan memories back to your place. You will get wines, cashew Nuts, Goan handicrafts, Goan spices etc. it also has a complex consisting Local and outsiders brands. while you shop there you can enjoy the Goan cuisine as well.

Best temples in Goa – Famous religious places to visit in Goa If You are there.

India has been the Land of beautiful old temples and Goa also stands in the list when it comes to best religious places to visit in India.

1 Brahma temple

Brahma temple goa

It is a very surprising fact to know that People are only aware of only one temple of Brahma in World which is in Pushkar, Rajasthan. so there are two temples of Brahma in the world one is in Pushkar another one is in Goa.

There is a statute of Lord Brahma is installed in this temple and people seeks the blessing of the creator of Brahma by visiting homage to this temple.

2 Mahalakshmi Temple

Mahalakshmi temple Goa

The Mahalakshmi Temple is Situated in Ponda in Goa and is believed to be original adobe of Goddess Lakshmi. In Hinduism, Mahalakshmi is considered the Goddesses of Money and people worship it with great respect and this temple is visited by a large number of people across the India.

3 Se Cathedral

se Cathedral

Se cathedral is the cathedral of latin-Roman in Old Goa, was originally built to commemorate the Victory of Portuguese over Muslim Army. This is built in the architecture style of Portuguese. It has a large Bell Inside which is also known as a Golden bell for its rich Sound.

4 Church of St. Francis Assisi

Church of St. Francis Assisi

Church of St. Francis Assisi was built by Portuguese in the year 1661 is the best piece of Portuguese architecture and is visited by a large number of people every year. these were some religious places which can be included in the list of best places to visit in goa.

5 Jama Masjid Panjim

jama masjid

Jama masjid of Panjim is in Goa and is visited by a large number of people especially by Muslim background. The nearby station Thivim railway Station to reach this places.

Best Historical Places to visit in Goa – Forts – Museums- Natural places.

Goa has been ruled by Portuguese, Britishers, French and Indians so it does have the rich Historic monuments in the shape of buildings, forts, which are beautiful to visit and when we look to visit best historical places in India Goa does have something to offer.

1 Fort Aguada

Fort Aguda

Fort Augoda is the Portuguese fort built in the17th century in Goa. It does have a Lighthouse along with this fort. These both things are well preserved by Govt. of India and the famous Vivanta by taj which is spread on almost 89 acres is a part of this Fort. So when you are in Goa and fond of Visiting Monuments. This place is the best place to start with and this place surely needs to be included in the list of best places to visit in Goa.

2 Chapora Fort

Chapora fort

Chapora fort is in Goa on built alongside the Chapora river and this outpost was an outpost when Akbar joined hands with Marathas to get rid of Portuguese. It is very sad that the most part of this fort, Like Houses, Church etc has totally destroyed now just ruins of this once strong fort are available now.

3 Panjim


Panaji or Panjim is the capital of Goa an Indian State which is famous for its Clubs and beaches across the world.The Meaning of Panjim is the land which never Floods.Panaji is a land of Terraced hills, Buildings, balconies etc. Panaji is the 1st city of India to be built as a Planned City. It was annexed to India in 1961 and before this, it was a Portuguese territory.

4 Church of St. Augustin

Church of St. Augustin



5 Remains of St. Francis Xavier

Remains of St. Francis Xavier

6 Goa State Museums

Goa State Museums

7 Naval Aviation Museums

Naval Aviation Museums



Conclusion –Goa has always been a famous place among Indians and Foreigners to visit to enjoy and spend some quality time with their friends and family. This place is filled with mesmerizing Beaches and trans-Clubs and historical places which make it a full entertainment package one could have at a single place. Indian Travel Tips have tried its best to provide with updated information to plan out your trip to this majestic Place. To stay updated with best places to visit in India you can subscribe to us.


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