Places to visit in Pune for couples.

Romantic Places in Pune for couples.


Pune is a place which appears like it has been specially created by nature and is blessed with the beauty. This city is famous for tourism as well as an education hub. There are various famous colleges of Medical, Engineering, MBA, etc., which add young crowd to the city. Thus, when you travel to the city, you will see major young age crowd as friends or couples, enjoying the nature or running for their daily routine and needs.

I had been in Pune for my higher studies and loved this city for its beauty, nature, temperature and people. Although the city is very old and historical, the beautiful places, weather as well as the young crowd will attract you easily. The city has Marathi as the major tongue, still, people out here are very co-operative and maintains the cultural norms from age-old years. As per my experience, it won’t be wrong to say that this remarkable and lovable city can be a memorable visit for your lifetime.

There are various locations in Pune where I used to go with my friends and in fact with my very close friends. The rainy days add an extra beauty to this city. The water coming from the higher peaks or lower peaks of the mountain, appear as white as milk and act as a shower for you to bath and clean your body as well as the soul.




  • Adlabs Imagica.

This is man-made beauty between the blessed nature of the city. This is the latest addition to the visitors and people who wants to see the best places in Pune. Adlabs Imagica is on Mumbai-Pune expressway and has everything for you to have fun with your family, friends or girlfriend. It has a wide range of water rides, shows, thrill rides, etc., and is open throughout the year.

Adlabs Imagica


  • Lonavala (Khandala)

Khandala is nearby to the city Pune and is on Mumbai-Pune expressway. It is the best destination to enjoy with friends as is considered as the best romantic place for couples in Pune. I had a dream to see this beautiful place after listening to the song sung by “Aamir Khan” in the Hindi movie “Gulam” (Aati kya Khandala) and till now people use this as code for asking to date with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

The place is famous for its beauty and also has famous locations to visit are Bhusi Dam and two viewpoints Tiger’s Leap and the Duke’s nose. The visitors are especially the couples, friends, and family who wants to stay & enjoy the weekends as well as go for trekking.



  • Lavasa City.

This is man-made beauty which is one of the most glorious places to visit in India especially in the city Pune. When I reached there, I was excited and amazed. It gives you feeling as if you are in any other country.

This is the place where you must go with your friends and family. The couples must go there and see the charm and magic of man-made beauty.

Lavasa city Pune


  • Mahabaleshwar.

If you want to go for places to visit for one day trip in Pune, else than Adlabs Imagica, Lavasa City, and Khandala, this place (Mahabaleshwar) can be the best suitable destination for you. This place is visited by tourists who love nature and historical places, as well as by people who worship Lord Shiva.

It is situated in the southwest of Pune city, in Satara District. It is a destination place for the couples as well as for honeymoon destination. It has famous destinations or spots like Krishnabai Temple, 3 Monkey Point, Arthur Seat Point, Venna Lake, Needle Hole Point, Wilson Point, Pratapgad Fort, Lingmala Waterfalls, etc.

I went once to this place and seen all these places but has a dream to visit this place once again, whenever I visit Pune.

mahabaleshwar pune


  • Mulshi Dam.

Mulshi Dam


  • Sinhagad Fort.

Sinhagad Fort Pune


  • Shanivar Wada.

Shanivar Wada


  • Osho Garden (Osho International Ashram)

Osho Garden Pune, osho aashram pune


  • Okayama Friendship Garden

Okayama Friendship Garden


  • Panshet Dam

Panshet Dam pune


  • Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam pune


Conclusion: If you love nature and historical places, Pune can be your most favorite destination. This city is blessed by nature and especially in the rainy season people from outside the states or country or the world come here. The rainy season it becomes a special young couples destination as they enjoy the shower of nature coming from mountains and surrounded by clouds which touch your body as fog.

The above locations are specially mentioned by keeping in mind as best places to visit in Pune for couples or romantic places in Pune for couples. Few of the above location can also suit as private places for couples in Pune.

I had been in Pune for almost 2 and half years while doing my higher studies. This place is a dream place for you to stay, visit for few days or even reside for the lifetime.


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