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India is the oldest civilization along with Mesopotamian and Egyptian in the world. India has a very rich heritage of historical places, which makes us feel proud of our ancestors for gifting us such beautiful monuments. We do have large numbers of Best historical places to visit in India with family, friends or solo trip.

India has opulent palaces, ancient forts, and majestic structures at every nook and corner of this country. Such is the heritage of this Country which should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Best Historical Places to Visit in North India

1  Red fort Delhi – The History of Mughals

Red Fort Delhi
Red Fort Delhi

Red Fort is a world heritage monument site in The heart of India, Delhi. Red Fort is a very beautiful fort built by the 5th ruler of Mughal Empire Shah Jahan. every year on the eve of 15th august The prime minister Of India hoists the National flag from this fort. So This fort still holds great significance in the Modern India as it was in Mughal Era.

2  Qutb Minar Delhi – Beautiful and Incredible

Qutb Minar Delhi

Qutb Minar is another example of the great skill of Architecture of our ancestors. Qutb Minar is an another world heritage site in  Mehrauli, Delhi. This Minar was started by the founder of Slave dynasty, Kutub- al -din- Aibak, but was completed by his son in law Iltutmish.  When you visit Qutb Minar you can also see an Iron Pillar there, This iron pillar has some Inscriptions engraved on it in Sanskrit. The surprising fact is that this Pillar Doesn’t rust. This pillar weighs over 6000 kg and is 22 feet in height.

3  Agra Fort- The walled city of Mughal Era

Agra Fort

Agra fort is a historical fort in Agra which was the residence of Mughal Emperors till 1638 When Capital shifted to Delhi to Red Fort.This is UNESCO World heritage Site and is Near by to another Important Historical Site Tajmahal.

4  Tajmahal, Agra – The symbol Of Love and great architecture

Tajmahal the symbol of love and architecture

Tajmahal is one of the wonders among the seven wonder in India, Tajmahal is a UNESCO World heritage Site in Agra City of Uttar Pradesh. Tajmahal is the best example of Mughal architecture in India. It was built by the Shah Jahan To House the Tomb of his favorite Consort Mumtaz Mahal. In India, it is regarded as a Symbol of love and is visited by with great respect by people across the globe.

5  Hawa Mahal, Jaipur -“The Palace of wind”

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

Hawa mahal is an incredible piece of Hindu Architecture in India, Hawa mahal was built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It was designed in the form of crown Of Lord Krishna. It is been Visited by a Large number of people across World.

6  Chittor Fort or Chittorgarh Fort – The Dignified History of Rajputs

Chittor fort - Rajasthan

Chittor fort is one of the largest forts in India. It represents the dignified history of Rajput Era in India. Chittor has witnessed the Many Incidents which has changed the course of history. The walls of this fort are filled with the Stories of The Bravery Of Rajput warriors who laid down their Lives for the sake of their country and with the bravery of Rajputs Women who chose to die rather than submitting to Muslim Force. Chittor fort is also a UNESCO World heritage Site.

7  Mehrangarh Fort – Symbol of Victory Of Rajputs

Mehargarh Fort

Mehrangarh fort is one of the largest forts in India is situated in Jodhpur city of Rajasthan.It was built by Rao Jodha around 1460. This Fort has Seven Gate and there is a Jaypol “Victory poll” built by Raja Man Singh to commemorate the victory over Jaipur and Bikaner armies.

8   Amer Fort, Rajasthan – The mighty Fort of Mighty Rajputs

Amer fort -rajasthan

Amer Fort is Located high on a hill, it is the main tourist attraction in the Jaipur area.The town of Amer was originally constructed by Meena Dynasty, and sometimes later it was ruled by Rajput King Raja Man Singh I. Amer Fort is known for its artistic Hindu style elements. With its large walled city and series of gates and contrived paths, the fort overlooks Maota Lake.

Amer Fort is Unesco World heritage Protected Site In India. Amer Fort will take you back to the History and Glory Of Rajputs In Rajasthan. Even Today people Of Rajasthan hails the Rajput Warriors Like Maharana Pratap and Prithviraj Chauhan.


9   Jhansi Fort – The memory of Rani LaxmiBai

Jhansi fort
Jhansi fort

Fort of Jhansi or Jhansi ka Kila is a fortress situated on a big hilltop called BanJira, in State of Uttar Pradesh. It has served as a stronghold to  Chandela Dynasty Kings in Balwant Nagar from the 11th AD through the 17th century.

Jhansi Is a famous Place in India for the Fort which was once ruled by a brave women Warrior Rani Laxmibai, Who is hailed as a patriotic figure in India History who Laid down her life for the sake of Country.

Best Historical Places To Visit In South India

10 Charminar Hyderabad – A piece of Mughal Architecture

Charminar Hydrabad

The Charminar was built in 1591, are a monument and mosque located in Hyderabad, Telangana. The landmark has become a global icon of Hyderabad and it is listed among the most valued & recognized structures of India.

The Charminar was built by the 5th ruler of Qutb Shahi dynasty in 1591, after shifting his capital from Golkonda to Hyderabad he constructed a large structure of Charminar. Because of this large structure is known by Charminar this landmark became a Famous global icon of the state of Hyderabad, India.

11 Golkonda Fort – 

Golconda Fort

Golkonda is a large citadel and big fort in Southern India and was the capital of the medieval sultanate of the Qutb Shahi dynasty (1518 AD–1687 AD), Golkonda fort is situated 11 kilometers west of Hyderabad. The region is known for the mines that have produced some of the world’s most fabulous gems, including the Kohinoor.

Golkonda or Golconda is surely deserving to Visit at least once if you are interested in Historical monuments site. So this is among the best Historical places to visit in India.

12 Ajanta Caves – Paintings in Caves

Ajanta caves

The Ajanta Caves are Rock Cut Buddhist Caves in The Aurangabad District of Maharashtra, Which dates to 2nd BC to 480 AD. The Paintings on the walls of caves represents the Ancient Indian Art, Particularly expressive Paintings which express emotions through Expression are very beautiful to watch.

The Ajanta caves were covered with jungles and people were unaware of Such wonderful piece of Architecture of Our Ancestors. It was Britishers who are credited with the discovery of this place. This is among one of the best historical places to visit in India.

13 Gateway of India – The Tajmahal Of Mumbai

Gateway Of India Mumbai

The Gateway of India is a monument constructed during the 20th century in Mumbai City of Maharashtra State.It is located on the waterfront in the Bunder area in South Mumbai and overlooks the famous Arabian Sea.

This Famous monument (gateway of India) has witnessed  3 terror attacks since the beginning of the 21st century it was twice in 2003 in 2008 when four gunmen attacked the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower.

14 India Gate – Tribute to The Martyrs of World War I 

India gate

India gate is a war memorial located in Delhi was also known as the Kingsway. India gate is Memorial to 82000 soldiers of the Indian army who died in World War 1. It was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. India gate also having an Amar Jyoti which is serving as India’s tomb of The Unknown Soldiers.

Visiting India gate fills you with the sense of Patriotism and will make you bow down to Soldiers who laid down their lives to protect our country. This is Also a historical place amongst Best Historical Places to visit in India.

15 Khajuraho Temple – Symbol of Love and erotic Sculpture

Khajuraho temple.html

The Khajuraho Temples are the Group of Temples of Hindu Deity and jain Tirthkaras in Madhya Pradesh. These temples are famous for its erotic Sculpture across the world and these temples are UNESCO World heritage Protected Sites.

Khajuraho Temple was Built by Candelas in 1000 Ad and it had 85 temples and spread in 20 square kilometers. This place is surely in the list among the best historical places to visit in India


16 Rock cut caves Aurangabad – Rock Cut Buddhist Shrines

Aurangabad caves

The Aurangabad Caves are twelve rock cut Buddhist caves on the hills in District of Aurangabad, Maharashtra.Caves are carved in the cliff in the time period from the 2nd – 3rd century AD to the 7th century AD. The caves 1 and 3 are the oldest, possibly excavated in the 2nd – 3rd century AD.The oldest are caves one and three, possibly excavated in the 2nd – 3rd century AD.

The carvings in these Caves are notable for including Hinayana style stupa, Mahayana artwork, and Vajrayana Goddesses. These caves are beautiful but are overshadowed by the glory of Ajanta and Allora caves. If I have to compile the list of best historical places in India it would be definitely among best historical places to visit in India

17 Sanchi Stupa – Important Buddhist Place 

Sanchi Stupa

The Stupas of Sanchi is another historical place to put on the list of best historical places to visit in India. The stupas of Sanchi are in Madhya Pradesh was built by The great Ashoka in 300 BC (approx). It is one of the important Monument for Buddhists in India and is Visited by lakhs of people across the world every year.

.18 Ruins Of Hampi

Ruins Of Hampi

Hampi is a village and temple town Recognized as a UNESCO World heritage Site is situated in Karnataka South India. It is Located in the Famous Vijayanagara Empire. The great Empire of Vijayanagara was Founded by Harihara and Bukaraya. As per the edicts of Great Ashoka’s  Suggests that this area was under Mauryan Empire and A Brahmi inscription has been recovered from the Site.

Hampi was one of the best areas of Vijayanagara Empire till it was besieged by Muslim Confederacy. Hampi is situated on the bank of Tungabhadra river. Hampi has many Notable Hindu temple with some Vedanta theology inside the temple. Among the most notable are. Badavilinga, Jain Temple, Krishna temple etc. This place is one of the best Historic Places to visit in India.


19 Kangra fort or nagarkot fort Himachal Pradesh

Kangra Fort - Himachal Pradesh

Kangra fort is situated in District of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh, was built by the royal family belonged to Katoch Dynasty, which traces back its origin to Ancient Trigarta kingdom mentioned in Mahabharata.

It was Subdued by Jahangir into Mughal Empire in 1630 the most notable ruler of Katoch Dynasty is Sansar Chand who fought multiple battles with Gurkhas and Sikhs Simultaneously. The Fort was Annexed By Maharaja Ranjit Singh after the death of  Raja Sansar Chand in 1828.

20 Mahabalipuram – Tamilnadu


Mahabalipuram is a Historic town in District Kanchipuram of Tamilnadu in South India, was a famous Seaport during 7th and 8th Century. The modern town of Mahabalipuram was established by Britishers.

The temples of Mahabalipuram portrays the events of Mahabharata were built during the reign of Narsimhaverman and his son Rajasimhaverman.The monuments are mostly rock-cut and monolithic.

21 Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gya

Bodh Gaya is a Religious site and place of pilgrimage in District Gaya in Bihar. This place is very sacred for Buddhists as this is the same place where Mahatma Buddha Attained the Enlightenment. Bodh Gaya is recognized as a UNESCO World heritage site. It has Mahabodhi temple was built by King Ashoka after the 280 years of Buddhas Death. This is among the best Historical places to visit in India.


Conclusion :- 

To Visit Historic Places not only a good way to entertain but to connect you back to your roots as well. India has been a Famous place since ancient time and has lots of monuments of the same time which even today surprise us with the architecture and the kind of royalty they have lived. I have tried my best to Provide with the best historical places to visit in India. Any suggestion is welcome and I request you to Subscribe to us to provide you with other informative articles as well.


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