My trip to Mumbai – the City of Dreams (Mayanagri)

Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends or Girl friend


Mumbai is a place where a common man comes with various dreams and the city welcomes him with all open arms. The dreams are to get employment, to start own business, become Superstar like Amitabh Bachchan or Aishwarya Rai, become Music director like R. D. Burman, become singer like Kishore Kumar or Lata Mangeshkar, etc.

The city makes you learn every day a new thing, makes you struggle and fight hard to fulfill your dreams. These struggles make you become a strong person and it fulfills the dreams of various people.




When I went there I watched people running and fast walking. I heard from people that Mumbai is fast and thus I noticed people and their fast life. In fact, people run to save 2 to 5 seconds in order to catch Local Trains or Local Buses. I realized after residing in Mumbai for few months that If I was late by few seconds, I had to wait for next local train to come and had to be in queue for next long line of local buses.

Thus, I realized the value of time and why people used to run or walk fast. The local trains of buses always are over crowded, for a new person it’s tough to get into such local trains or buses. It was tough for me too but after couple of weeks I started enjoying  such fast life. Thus, it is also said that Mumbai never sleeps ….



Mumbai local trains


History and Details of the city:-

Mumbai was called as Bombay till year 1995, it was changed on the name of the Goddess Mumba. 

One of the oldest known names for the city are Kakamuchee and Galajunkja. Few of these names are sometimes still used.

Mumbai is thickly populated city of India. It is financial hub of the country. The very famous Gateway of India was built by the Britishers in year 1924. Mumbai city is also famous as the heart of the Bollywood film industry and public dream and meet those stars residing in Mumbai.



mumbai city


Why I Like Mumbai?

There are various reasons to explain that why I loved this city. Few are mentioned below;

  • The City where you have each moment to live, the city which makes you dream your dreams, the city which fulfills your dream, the city which roars in unity, the city which enjoys each festivals with the unity although have various diversity. That is why I loved this city.
  • Every Time I took the local train, I realized that there is always a place for another person, although it has been over crowded. It always looked impossible from the outside to get in. But somehow I managed to get in and fit in those small coaches. That is why I loved this city.
  • Every time when Ganpati days starts, each day I used to dance with the music in the evening and specially on Ganpati Visharjan days. People don’t see any community or culture, every one dance with the unity. All Mumbai becomes into a single religion and community and enjoyment. That is why I loved this city.
  • Every time I dream to meet Film stars and my favorite television stars, I saw them and few times met with them. Various stars like Shahrukh Khan comes out on his birthday on his gate with open arms to cherish his fans. I was there and saw the crazy fans, their happiness and devotion towards their stars. Such, Bollywood craze and stars made me love this city. That is why I loved this city.
  • Every time I felt hungry, there are very cheap and easy available food which you will love to eat- Vada Pao. This food is most common in Mumbai and every person loves to eat it. Whether he or she is rich or poor, whether he or she is of any community or culture,  whether the person is from India or out of country, everyone loves eating it. That is why I loved this city.


mumbai darshan


Best Places to Visit in Mumbai


  •  Juhu Beach

Junu beach in Mumbai is the most famous location where every one visits at least once after reaching Mumbai. It is also famous by the name of “Juhu Chaupati” and looks tremendous while sunset and sunrise. Various movies has been made at Juhu Beach and has various top star’s Villas and houses made close to it. People (specially couples) go there and enjoy the beautiful beach, sea shore, cold fresh waves and sitting on the sand/rocks. There are various small shops opened for street foods, which people enjoy eating while sitting at the boundary or sands/rocks near to the sea of Juhu Beach.

I went there, enjoyed the beauty of beach and saw many houses of stars like of Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, Ajay Devgun, Amrish Puri, Manoj Kumar, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan.


mumbai juhu beach


mannat shahrukh khan house


  •  Alibag Beach


Alibag Beach is another famous beach of Mumbai which is very peaceful and there you can enjoy the real beauty of nature. I went there with group of my friends and sat on a boat. We enjoyed the sea, waves and the sea wind. The sand of Alibag has hard texture and it is not easy to create sand castles. It is less crowded and very peaceful. As per my experience, you must come once here, although it is approx 120 kilometers from the main Mumbai city.


Alibaug Beach


  • Bandra Worli Sea Link


When you are driving on the Bandra Worli Sea link, you will feel as if you are in some other country. It was late evening when I was driving on this beautiful bridge and will suggest you to come and see it or drive on this bridge specially in late evening.


Mumbai Worli Sea Link


  • Marine Drive

Marine drive is another destination of Mumbai where you must go in late evenings. I went there and had amazing feelings.

The sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea and the amazing feeling of cold breeze crossing your hair along with various restaurants offering delicious snacks and drinks for you.

Marine Drive is a ‘C’ shaped six lane concrete road along the coast, which is a natural bay. The road links Nariman Point to Babulnath and Malabar Hill.


Marine Drive Mumbai



  • Kanheri Caves


If you like history and love historical places, this place is must for you to visit. The caves are located deep inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Here you can have bus transport, which is available every hour for you. The visitors has to pay entry fees at the park gate and at the cave entrance also.

It has some stone inscription and Cave number 34 has unfinished paintings of Buddha on the ceiling of the cave.


Kanheri Caves Mumbai


  • Siddhi Vinayak Temple


Siddhi Vinayak Temple is very famous place and is must visit location, if you are religious and believe in God. There are various shops where you leave your shoes/sandals and buy Ladoos, coconut, garland, etc. for Lord Ganesha. I was amazed to see huge Ladoos of special design which many people bought and entered inside the temple.

There were 3 gates for entry with 3 kinds of queue. If you have time then go in the normal gate queue else there are 2 different paid gates for you to enter in the temple. I felt blessed after bow down my head in front of the great Lord Ganesha.


siddhi vinayak temple



  • Hotel Taj


Hotel Taj is just next to the Gateway of India and is beautifully constructed. This was the first Taj Hotel of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces group which was made by founder of Tata Group Shri Jamshetji Tata in year 1903. At present there are 101 Taj Hotels in which 85 hotels are across India and 16 are in different countries.


Hotel Taj Mumbai


  • Gateway Of India


The Gateway of India is one of the most famous location of Mumbai and a person who visits Mumbai, must go there to see the beauty of such historical structure. It was made by Britishers in year 1924 and still the sunset at this place is best to visit.

You can notice all kind of crowd here with local photographers, who ask you to click the pictures and give you immediately printed after charging you some money. Nowadays due to the high definition mobile cameras, very less people prefer to get the pictures from them. I loved the waves, crowd, sunset and the beauty of such historical structure.


Gateway Of India Mumbai


  • Elephanta Caves



Elephanta Caves Mumbai



  • R K Film City (Film Studios)


There are various famous film studios in Mumbai among which “R K Film City” is most famous. It’s huge and was established by great film maker Raj Kapoor. It is based at Chembur in Mumbai and if you get entry by any link or sources, you will love it. It’s not open for normal public to go and visit from inside.

I tried to request them for letting us to go inside but they refused. Just the big gate opened and I saw a BMW coming out but didn’t see which star was inside the car. I wish I could go inside and see the stage and all around beauty of R K Film city which gave us various hit and super hit movies.


R K Film City, FIlm Studios Mumbai


  • Mumbai Haji Ali Dargah


Haji Ali Dargah is very famous place in Mumbai and is worth place to visit and bow your head. I went with my family and friends twice and felt peace form inner core of heart and soul. If you are religious, you must go once and bow your head. At the back of the Dargah you can go and sit on the rocks and feel the cold air waves touching your hairs, body and soul.


Mumbai Haji Ali Dargah



Conclusion :-


Mumbai is the city where you would love each moment of life and have various locations which you must see once in your life time.

The City where you have each moment to live, the city which makes you dream your dreams, the city which fulfills your dream, the city which roars in unity, the city which enjoys each festivals with the unity although have various diversity.

Till the time I was in Mumbai I really enjoyed my life. The life was very hectic and running but had it’s own way to live the moments. It was the time when I used to dream to meet Bollywood stars, the dream got fulfilled and have lots of pictures with movie and television stars.

For all other locations of India to visit, we have written various other articles within this websites. Feel free to read all other favorite locations articles and guidance for you while travelling. Indian travel tips will always guide the best locations for you to visit. I have shared all my experience in the cities I have traveled and if you like those articles please do share and subscribe.


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