Best places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh – Places you should explore in Himachal Pradesh The land of Gods.


“He who go to the hills goes to his mother,

The loving, nourishing bounteous mother” The Puranas

Himachal has been praised in Vedas, Puranas continuously for its mesmerizing beauty and life-giving resources. This land has been the home for famous Ancient sages like Parsurama, Vyas etc.

The Himachal Pradesh is a mountainous place with altitude ranging from 350 to 7000 mt above sea level. It forms the part of western Himalayas.

Himachal Pradesh is full of places best suited for an adventurous trip ( Leh Ladakh, Rohtang pass, Kunzum pass etc, religious trip(Jawalji, Chintpurni, etc.)  and for honeymoon destination( Shimla. Mashobra, Kasol, Kullu Manali).

Being born and brought up in Shimla I am very close to this state and have lots of information mostly access to Local Only. So I have thought of giving it a try by pointing out some places of which you may have heard or maybe some of it will be new to you. I will try to describe each place separately in the separate post.

For me, it has always been a curiosity to get to know the History of the places I am visiting. It always helps me to understand the place before actually visiting that. So I will try to give you some history background about the each place I am Going to List Below.

So here is the list of best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

1, Shimla –Shimla

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and former summer capital of India. Shimla Is about 7300 feet above from Sea Level.The climate of Shimla is most beautiful and delightful, representing something like European Conditions In India and providing a wonderful opportunity to visitors to enjoy its scenic beauty all round the year.

History Of Shimla – According to one story Shimla name was derived from “shy ama laya” meaning blue house. The 1st mention of Shimla comes from the diary of the Scottish officers in 1817.

The people of Shimla are called Shimlaites. A variety of festivals is celebrated here. The Shimla Summer Festival is held every year during peak tourist season and last for 3–4 days and is celebrated on the Ridge. The main highlights of this event include performances by popular singers from all over the country and Locals singers.

How To reach Shimla- 

By Air –

By Bus –

By Train- 

Places To visit in Shimla – The Ridge, Mall Road, Lakad Bazar, Sanjauli, Kufri, mashobra, Deshu.

Best time to visit Shimla – All round the year

Things to Do in Shimla – Trekking, Horse riding, Ice skating, Photo shoot, etc.

2 Kullu Manali –Kullu manali


Kullu is the district of Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by Shimla Lahul Spiti Kangra and Kinnaur.It was known as KULUTA in Ancient Time. The climate of this district is Cool and dry with the altitude ranging from 1300 mt to 6000 mt from sea level. The Salud and Beas are the principal rivers of the district.

History Of Kullu –  In Ramayana, Vishnu Purana, Mahabharata, Markandya Purana, Rajataranagini it is referred as KULUTA. According to the traditional folk fare of the local people, the skull valley originally bore the name of Kulantapitha meaning “the end of their inhabited world”.

How to Reach Kullu

By Road

By Train

By Air

Best places to Visit In Kullu – Manali, Bajaura temple, Temple of Hidimba Devi, Naggar, Parvati Ghati,

Best Time to Visit  –All round the year Except Winters

Things to Do In Kullu, Paragliding, River rafting, Trekking, Skiing, Religious temple visit, Site seeing.

3 Dharamshala –Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a beautiful city in the upper hills of the Kangra Valley and is surrounded by dense coniferous forest consisting mainly of stately Deodar cedar trees.

The McLeodGanj is famous worldwide for the presence of the Dalai Lama in this majestic place. In the year1959, the 14th Dalai Lama established the Tibetan exile administration in the north Indian hill station of Mussoorie. In May 1960, the Central Tibetan Administration was shifted to Dharamshala.

Dharamshala is the center of the Tibetan exile world in India. Following the 1959 Tibetan uprising, there was an incursion of Tibetan refugees who followed the 14th Dalai Lama. His presence and the Tibetan population have made Dharamshala a popular destination for Indian and foreign tourists, including students studying in Tibet.

One of the main attractions of Dharamshala is Triund hill. Triund is a one day trek at the upper reaches of McLeod Ganj, about 9 km from McLeod Ganj.

4, Jawala Ji Kangra –Jwala Ji kangra

The Jwala Ji shrine is located in the lower Himalayas in Jawalamukhi town of the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.The temple style is typical of Jwala Ji temple is of four corners with a small dome on the top and a square central pit of hollowed stone inside of a temple. where the main flame burns endlessly.  An annual fair is held in the environs of the temple every July/August months during Navratras. Jawala Ji is probably the most ancient temple discussed here besides Vaishno Devi. It is mentioned in the Mahabharata and other scriptures.

History Of Kangra – In ancient time Kangra was known as Nagarkot was the capital of Trigarta. King Susharma from Mahabharata is said to have founded Trigarta and made Kangra (Nagarkot) its capital.Another mention of Trigarta is found in Rajtarangani.

How to Reach Kangra –

By Road

By Train

By Air

Best Places In Visit in Kangra – Kangra Fort, Masroor Rock Cut Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Kangra Valley, Dhauladhar range.

Best time to visit  – All round the year

5, Churdhar or Chur Chandani Sirmaur –Churdhar

Churdhar Peaks comes in District Sirmaur Of Himachal Pradesh are famous for its natural Flora Fauna, trekking destinations and the temple constructed in the glory of Shirgul Dev a local deity. The most beautiful thing is the statue of Lord shiva on the top of Peak. Where from you can see the near by places with you naked eyes. Churdhar is also known as chur Chandani and is at 11500 feet from the sea level.

History Of Sirmaur District – Sirmaur was named after the local deity Sirmauria which occupies the place next to Mahasu Devta. SIrmaur district is the predominantly mountainous area surrounded by Shimla and Solan district.  There are seven streams including big and small for eg. the Yamuna the girl etc.

How to Reach Churdhar –

By Bus -1, Pulbahal bus stand, from there it is a walking journey of around 6-7 hours upwards through a dense forest.

2 . Sarahan Bus stand, From there the walking journey upwards is of 3-4 hours.

Best time to visit Churdhar – May – July

Places to Visit in Sirmaur – Bijat Dev Temple  Sarahan, Renuka Lake, Haripur Dhar, Kalabagh, etc.

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6, Mandi –Sundarnagar Mandi

Mandi is the district of Himachal Pradesh and this beautiful city is situated on the bank of Satluj river. This district is surrounded by Shimla, Kullu, and solan district. it has famous Dhauladhar range. Mandi is home to very famous lakes like Rewalsar lake, Parashar lake, Kamrunag etc.

History of Mandi-  The present District was formed by the merger of two princely states Mandi & Suket. on 15th April 1948 when Himachal Pradesh came into existence. Ajber sen is said to have settled the city Mandi in 1527.

How to reach Mandi –

By Road –

By Train –

By Air –

Places to Visit in mandi – Rewalsar lake, Kamrunag lake, Parashar lake, Kamlagarh fort, Dhaula Dhar range, Bhootnath temple.

Famous fair of mandi – Shivratri of Mandi, Mahunag fair, Rewalsar fair.

Best Time to Visit Mandi – January – May, and September- December

7, Kinnaur –Kinnaur

Kinnaur is the district of Himachal Pradesh consisting of mostly mountainous area shares boundary with Tibet and Uttrakhand. The highest peaks of Kinnaur Leo Parigal 6791 Mt and other kinner Kailash. The Satluj valley river is the largest river valley of the district about for 140 km.

History of Kinnaur  – There is a reference in the famous Sanskrit classic “Amarkosha” about many tribes and castes in India which claim their origin from the divine sources. The Gandharvas, Yakshas, Vidyadhars, Apsaras, Siddhas, Ghukas, Kinners, Pishachas, Rakshas.

Kinnaur is called “KHUNU” by Tibetans. Kinnaur Means Kim Nara means what kind of human being.

How to Reach Kinnaur

By Road-

By Train-

By Air –

Best Places to Visit In Kinnaur – Kinner Kailash, Kaja, Kalpa, Sangla valley, Pooh etc

Fair In Kinnaur –  Sazo Fair, Chaitra festival, Beeshu, Dakrain, Phaguli, Losar, Shirkin Festival.

8, Lahul Spiti –Lahul Spiti

Lahul  Spiti became a district of Himachal Pradesh in 1960 and is one of the frontier districts of Himachal Pradesh. This district id surrounded by J&K, Tibet, Kullu, Kinnaur, and Chamba. Lahul Spiti is in the ranges of greater Himalayan and the Pir Panjal and accessed either through the Kunzum pass or rRohtangpass. Mean elevation of this place is from 9000 ft to 18000 ft.

History Of Lahaul-Spiti – Traditions tells us that one of the earliest rulers of the land was Manu who ruled between 3100 BC – 2550 BC. The geographical knowledge which one derives from the accounts of the Mahabharat and theBhagavadd Geeta provides sufficient Ground for believing in the great Mahabharata war. In the ancient: Lahaul-Spiti must have been the part of Kalakuta or Mandamati territory. Hiuen T sang Visited the territory in 630 AD and noticed Lahaul as a country by the name of La-hu-la.

How to reach Lahaul-Spiti –

By Bus –

By Train –

By Air –

Places to Visit in Lahul Spiti – Rohtang pass, Bangal pass, Kugti pass, Baralacha pass, etc

Best time to Visit – Summer is the best time to visit.

9.Chamba Khajiyar –Chmaba Khajiyar

Chamba is the district of Himachal Pradesh touches boundary with J&K and Ladakh one side and Kangra district others side. The area is totally mountainous ranging from 6000 ft to 21000 sqft above the sea level.

History of Chamba –  It is difficult to determine certainly the exact date of which the Chamba state was founded, but it seems probable that this event took place around 6th century belongs to the Suryavamshi line of Rajput. Meru Varman is said to have founded the city Chamba.

How to Reach Chamba –By Bus –

By Train –

By Air –

Places to Visit In Chamba – Zanskar Range, The pangi range, Baralacha pass, Manimahesh Temple, Bhurisingh Museum, Chaurasi Temple, Kameshwara Temple.

Fair in Chamba – Sui Fair,Bharmaur yatra, minjar fair etc are quite famous here

Best Time to Visit – all round year except December – March

10Lavi Mela Rampur –



Rampur Bushahr is a city and a municipal council in Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh. It is 130 km away from Shimla well connected with National Highway which passes through Narkanda. It is a very beautiful state which in history belongs to the Ancestor of Current Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh Sh. Veerbhadra Singh.

Rampur is famous for hosting trade and culture fair called Lavi. Which is very famous among locals. Rampur is situated on the bank of Satluj river.

History Of Rampur

The principality of Bushahr was once among the largest of the twenty-eight Shimla Hill States under the administration of the British. It has borders with Lahaul Spiti, on the east side with FamousTibet, on the south with Garhwal, and on the west with Jubbal, Kotkhai, Kumharsain, Kotgarh, andMajestic Kullu. It ceded to the Indian Union in 1947.

How to reach Rampur-

By Road – best available source to reach Rampur is through road connectivity.

Best time to visit Rampur – Summer is the best time

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Conclusion -: So these were the few places among many best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, India. Some are good for Summer and some are good for winters. Some of them are good with buddies and some of them are good to visit with family. Travel is something which is a part of human life be it to relieve stress or to get some weather change. Whatever reason is it for traveling is the part of our life. Here I am trying my best to provide the information about the places you can visit and how to reach there etc. I hope you have liked my Article. Please don’t forget to subscribe to Us so you don’t miss any update about the best places to visit in India



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